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s morg
s morg
January 24, 2024
I really appreciate the time, effort and hard work that was put into saving my home. They came immediately and followed up with every step that was needed to get things back to regular in my house. I highly recommend!
Info MyersCapital
Info MyersCapital
January 17, 2024
I would definitely recommend Golden Touch Restoration Specialist to anyone and everyone I know. In long island NY, We came home December 31 to a busted pipe and a flooded basement, we were mortified. I spoke with Dewayne at Golden Touch Restoration Specialist - The same night the Mitigation crew came over and did their thing, at 11pm. Once the Mitigation was done Dewayne, the owner came over and we made a plan! I was nervous because I have never gone through something like this before. He was AWESOME and a BLESSING to our house! He always took my calls and answered any questions that I had along with my concerns. Dewayne had a great group of guys working with him as well! Not once did I feel unsafe with any of the men working in my house while I was alone, they were all such a blessing, so kind, hard working, and respectful to my home and myself. A huge thank you to Dewayne I am very greatful to all of them for taking such good care of us and quickly restoring our house to an even more beautiful home!
Joshua Shek
Joshua Shek
November 20, 2023
Dwayne and team did a great job restoring our sump pump wells, they look brand new. They were friendly and responsive.
Nyichael Matthews
Nyichael Matthews
November 16, 2023
Hands Down the best water Damage company in nyc
Shakila Nabi
Shakila Nabi
September 29, 2023
Nice location, awesome swimming pool, tasty food.
claudette burgher
claudette burgher
August 21, 2023
Amazing water damaged restoration company
Jackie Derrell
Jackie Derrell
June 28, 2023
They showed up on Easter Sunday morning on an emergency call! Who does that? Not too many companies ! Very much appreciated!
Coffee Collier
Coffee Collier
June 9, 2023
They are really amazing. All staff are professional and helpful. They solved my problem quickly.
Jeremy Hurewitz
Jeremy Hurewitz
May 25, 2023
Great team that were responsive in a crisis. My wife and I really appreciated their efforts and their calm professionalism. Highly recommended!
Sarah-Kay Lacks
Sarah-Kay Lacks
April 30, 2023
Our basement flooded during a big rainstorm. Golden Touch arrived at my house quickly and went right into action. Highly recommend these folks! Great job.

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Mold can grow very quickly, so it’s important to address the problem as soon as possible. If you suspect mold in your home or business, don’t hesitate to call a professional mold removal company.

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No, you cannot paint over mold to solve mold Issues.  If you don’t fix the source of the mold, painting and cleaning won’t stop mold from growing back. contact a mold specialist for consultation on mold removal services

Mold Removal can be covered by homeowners’ insurance. However, not all insurance policies cover it, and those that do may be limited by the source and cause of the mold issue

Molds produce allergens, irritants, and in extreme cases, potentially toxic substances called mycotoxins. If you inhale or touch mold or mold spores, you may suffer from an allergic reaction. Said symptoms of an allergic reaction

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