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When you work with us, you know you’re getting only the best. Whether you need a one-time post-construction cleaning or more frequent commercial janitorial services, we are happy to work with your
schedule. Reach out to us today to get started. We will send out one of our professionals at your
convenience to give you a free, no-obligation proposal

Looking for post-construction cleaning services in long island We work to provide a Construction Clean-
Up that leads to a clean, polished, remodeled area. Leading Construction and Post-Construction
Cleaning Services on long island

Our post-construction cleaning services for any construction type job, office, unfinished commercial
development, or home. We customize our services to the type of construction work that has taken
place, and the site of construction itself. Our job is to make the final process of your cleanup go smooth.
We do all types of cleaning, including debris removal, window cleaning, any type of dust or airborne
particles, carpets, rugs, or anything you need

Construction Clean-Up Teams You Can Count On
Our staff takes pride in their work, through all of the types of jobs we perform. Not only do we offer a
wide selection of construction cleanup services, but we also make sure all of the solutions we use are as
safe, effective, and eco-friendly as possible. Our Green Clean services don’t leave any hazardous
chemicals or fumes behind. So even if you’re on a tight schedule to open your new store, office, or
restaurant, you and your patrons can breathe easy.

Construction work always creates a huge mess. It can leave your home in ruins as dirt, dust, and
scraps around your property can cause severe damage to your appliances and furniture, as well as
pollute your breathing air. Let Sparkly Maids’ post-construction cleaning service take over and
handle the dirt, dust, and debris to ensure that your home is healthy, cleaned up, and move-in
Our post-construction cleaning professionals employ an intensive cleaning process that will
prepare your newly-constructed space for immediate occupancy.

Post Construction Cleaning Company – Best Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

Commercial & Residential Construction Cleaning Crew Service In New York

We are an Accredited Post Construction Business Company Establishment (PPR) and
cleaning specialist in the construction clean up, Commercial Clean up, Residential Cleaning, because of our
experience, trained technicians, maids, post-construction cleaning specialists, and our people-pleasing

All our cleaners are thoroughly trained on how to perform each cleaning task, as well as on
important safety issues.
Our goal is to clean each customer’s facility professionally and safely
GTRS Cleaning Company specializes in all aspects of post-construction cleaning. Our staff of trained
professionals has the experience to handle any size construction cleanup project.

Each project we undertake is carefully supervised from beginning to end to ensure your 100%
satisfaction along the way. We work with everyone from general contractors and builders to architects
and property owners.
Some of our specific post-construction clean-up services include:

* Washing all surfaces
* Complete dust removal from ductwork, vents, ceiling pipes, light fixtures, etc.
* Stain removal, scrubbing, dusting, and vacuuming of all surfaces
* Desk and file cabinet cleaning
* Kitchen and bathroom sanitization
* Floor cleaning including waxing and buffing
* Window cleaning

We are a premier cleaning company providing a superb quality final cleaning to projects of any size,
from a kitchen addition to a brand new high-end construction of homes that are up to 12,000 square
feet, in the Long Island, and surrounding areas. Preparing a home for the clients’ occupancy isn’t
difficult, but it is time-consuming. Many cleaners underestimate what it takes to fully ready a home.
Golden Touch can handle any project size and scope.

How far in advance notice do I have to book a post-construction cleaning?

In general, the larger the project, the more notice is helpful: Small remodel project: minimum 1-2 weeks
notice. Large remodel project: minimum 2+ weeks notice. Whole-home (house or condo): minimum 3-4
weeks notice. If in doubt, call anyway – we can often slide projects at the last minute.

How long does it take to complete a post-construction cleaning?
Our staff is trained to do post-construction cleanings, and we are very efficient. We aim to get whole
homes cleaned within 1-2 days (depending on size) and remodel projects within a morning or 1 day.

Post-construction house cleaning is one of our specialties at Golden Touch. We go the proverbial extra
mile to make sure your recent home renovation doesn’t turn into a post-construction nightmare. Dust is
not the only villain, because grease, paint splatter, glue gunk, and grime are often the residue of the
activity and equipment that come with a remodeling or an addition.

Your furniture, area rugs, and others often moved here and there away from the action, perhaps protected by plastic sheeting

And who knows what else is being tracked around.

Post-Construction Services

We provide post-construction cleaning for commercial and residential new construction and
Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Both large and small construction projects have the ability to leave behind debris, including dust, trash, and unused materials.

Before a new or renovated structure can host tenants or move on to the next
stage of preparation, all of this debris must be removed. Post-construction cleaning tackles this cleanup
process, clearing away dirt and refuse and placing final touches on the finished construction.

Post Construction Cleaning

We will move the dirt and dust out—so you can move in.

Clean and bright remodeled homemade Right’s post-construction clean-up services will help your house
make the transition from construction site to homestead.

Remove dust, dirt, smudges, and scuffs from walls
Dust ceilings and ceiling fans
Clean trim, baseboards, window frames, and door frames
Dust all woodwork, including handrails and mantels
Clean sides and tops of doors and door hinges (remove paint, mud if necessary)

Clean interior masonry
Vacuum carpet, especially around the edges
Clean floors (may involve sealing, buffing, or waxing)
Remove stickers and clean windows (including the glass, tracks, and frames)

Clean light fixtures and bulbs
Clean electrical switches and outlets
Clean blinds and shutters
Clean inside closets and cabinets
Clean tops of shelves
Remove drawers and clean underneath them
Dispose of all trash

We provide the best post-construction cleaning services and we offer this to both residential and
commercial projects. Our company is specialized in post-construction cleaning services with a wide
range of commercial and residential clients and decades of experience to deliver only the best of
services. Our highly skilled and trained construction cleaning experts have been trained to handle all
work scopes.

We are reputed with a 100% proven track record for offering only the best of cleaning
services, ensuring every project is completed within schedule and safety requirements. Whether it’s an
hour job, a full day’s job, or a lengthy period of job execution, we are fully insured and bonded to handle
the project to the best of industry-accepted standards.

We support general contractors, custom builders, and homeowners with reliable, professional
construction cleanings.
Our 2021 Construction Cleaning Qualifications Include, among others:

14,000 square foot hospital wing
8,500 square foot fitness facility
5,000 square foot fitness facility
Numerous 1,000 to 5,000 square foot tenant build-outs
Numerous 1,000 to 15,000 square foot custom home builds and renovations

Our post-construction services include, but are not limited to:

Dust, dirt, grime, and debris removal
Steam cleaning
Window cleaning
Ceiling and tile cleaning
Window blind cleaning and dusting

Post Construction Cleaning Services for Southwest Virginia

Post Construction Cleaning

Our post-construction cleaning services are available at the end of a construction project or in-between
stages of construction. We’ll ensure that all the dust, dirt, and grime covering most surfaces after a
construction project is removed from your building so that it’s ready for opening day.

If your home or business has just been built, renovated, or remodeled and you think you can walk right
in, you are in for a shock. Unless you have hired the world’s most considerate contractors, there is going
to be a mess that needs to be taken care of before you can fully settle in. Unfortunately, a post-
construction cleanup is rarely as simple as sweeping up the dust, although we can almost guarantee that
there is going to be a lot of dust.

Post-construction cleanups typically involve a lot of heavy lifting, ladder work, and some debris removal.
Does that really sound like something you want to worry yourself with ahead of moving into your
space? Most people don’t, which is why we have been proud to offer post-construction cleaning
services to home and business owners in the area to make getting settled a lot easier.

We are a trusted post-construction clean-up service provider. After your construction punch-out work is
complete, it’s time to get the space or building fine-tuned and ready for business. We have the
processes, equipment, and experience you need to make your post-construction clean-up a success.
We’ll make your building shine!

Our Full-Service Commercial Cleaning Capability

As a full-service, post-construction clean-up company, we provide comprehensive turnkey solutions to
meet all of your building maintenance needs. In addition to our standard cleaning portfolio, floor care
services including stripping & waxing, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning can be provided.

Is your building covered in dust and grime after a construction project? Do you need post-renovation cleaning to get your building looking good?

If you require construction clean-up in the Long Island area, then contact Golden Touch.

We’ve been in the business for over 10 years and strive to provide quality, efficient service. Our construction cleaning services will leave your building looking beautiful. So, if you’re looking for construction site cleaning, contact us today for a free quote. 3475518094

Choose Our Construction Cleaning Services

Construction projects, by and large, are both exciting and taxing. Whether you’re getting a new office building or just getting adjustments to an existing structure, you may find yourself in need of construction cleaning services to remove the dust after the fact.

Generally speaking, it’s better to find professionals who can handle the construction clean-up after a major project. Trying to clean everything yourself is time-consuming. Additionally, you may not have to supplies necessary to deep clean your space, which means dust and debris may be left behind.

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